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Free Tax Services

for Washington Immigrants

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Core Services

ITIN Applications

Residents without Social Security Numbers can file taxes by acquiring ITINS (Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers) from the IRS. We can guide you and your family through the W-7 forms necessary to apply for ITINS. This process can take up to 2 months. 

Tax Preparation + Filing 

We provide our clients with tax advice + preparation services. E-mail us at or submit a contact form to schedule your consultation. Our tax experts will help you maximize your return and guide you through any benefits you may be due. 

Meeting with the IRS

If you need to meet with the IRS, we are here to help. We can summarize all your options and provide support as necessary. Please contact us even if you are unsure whether we can be of service. 


The Dreamers' Tax Project aims to service any and all immigrant communities in Washington state. Our services are primarily available in English and Spanish. However, we try out best to find translators as needed. In the past, we have serviced clients in Faris, Hindi, and Korean. 

Welcome to The Dreamers' Tax Project

About us:

The Dreamers' Tax Project is a nonprofit organization based in Washington committed to giving back to its community. As second-generation immigrants, Lora Kwon, Isha Mehta, and Akshita Kikkuru recognize the important role that immigrants play in the United States and wish to help these individuals make the best of their situation. Under the guidance of licensed accountants, we vow to help you to the best of our ability. If you are interested in sponsoring The Dreamers' Tax Project or working with our organization in any capacity, please contact us at

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Volunteer With Us!

Spanish Translator (Virtual)

To accommodate our Spanish-speaking clients, we would love to work with an on-call Spanish translator. We typically schedule a time with our translator, client, and tax professional to conduct a three-way tax consultation. This is a flexible and low-commttment volunteer position. 

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